Sunday, June 10, 2012

~Crazy Underway Weekend~

This past weekend my husband (Lyle) went underway. Of course every time he leaves it seems like the kids decide to lose all control and run CRAZY!!!! Today, it seemed like the worse, because not only do the kids lose all control but it seems like every and anything goes wrong. Today for example none of the kids would listen or calm down....
I swear this is what my kids are thinking 90% of the time. Back to the story, it's nap time and I am trying to get Bella down for a nap. Mind you used to I could lay her in her crib and she would cry a bit and give up and go to sleep. Well lately Daddy has been "rocking" her everyday (whenever he is home anyways). Makes my life a little more crazy sometimes, well today I tried laying her down in her bed and she was up there 10 mins. Next thing I know there is not only is my door bell ringing, but then comes a knock. So I walked to the door and answered. Low and behold is my neighbor. 

A little back story, where I live we are connected wall-to-wall (literally). They are rude and inconsiderate! For the last month they started blaring their music, I told them to turn it down & even had to call security...Needless to say it didn't help.  
(oh btw) Keep in mind these are the same people who came over 2 weeks after I moved in yelling at me about my son (Wyatt) about him throwing fits...(he has special needs, but that is another story to share at a later date)

Here he is standing at my door telling me I need to do something about "My Kid Crying" 
Me: Excuse me?
Jerk: My room mate works night shift and is trying to sleep & your kid has been crying and it is pissing him off.
Me: Seriously? Well she has only been upstairs for 10 mins and she is trying to take a nap.
Jerk: Yeah 10 mins of crying! I will call DCFS because that is neglect....
Me: (beyond pissed & shaking) Are you kidding? This coming from the guys who are ALWAYS blaring music after you were told to keep it down! Who do it to be rude, oh and park behind my gate so I CAN'T PARK THERE!!!! 
Jerk: Well I just wanted to come over and ask you to take care of it. 
Me: Look you don't listen when I asked to turn down your music, you just turn it up to be rude
Jerk: (interrupts) That was my room mate and he is a dumbass. If you have a complaint you need to come talk to a sober person which would be me, and I will take care of it.
Me: Whatever goodbye!!!

Now I am beyond angry, I'm shaking and wanting to grab a tire iron to beat my neighbor in the head! Who is he to come to my house and tell me to keep my kids quiet? 
1. They are single
2. They have NO kids!
Now because of this Bella never got her nap and was uber cranky all day.
Not to mention he threatened to call DCFS on me for a crying child. Any Dr. will tell you along with a numerous amount of people to let a child cry it out. As long as they have a cup/bottle, a clean diaper, and are in NO pain they are fine and should learn to soothe themselves. 
Now I am going to housing in the morning to yell at them even more about my neighbors....
I mean it's not like I have enough on my plate to deal with, seriously let's just pile some more on there JERK FACE!!!!

I can not wait til our lease is up and hopefully we can get on and approved for military housing. But anyways that was my day in a nutshell. Oh yeah, the kids still didn't listen the rest of the day and tore up the house after we would try to clean it. Finally gave up! Thank you Lord!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Little Bit About Me.

To start off my name is Ciara Reynolds, I welcome you to my blog & daily ramblings. This blog was recommended by some friends and so I thought I would give it a try. 
I'm new to the blog so things may change from time to time depending on my mood, and whether i'm lazy or not. 
I'm very random, crazy, open-minded, and out spoken. I want to clarify I am VERY outspoken, I DO NOT sugar coat things! If you would like an HONEST answer/advice from me no problem. If you are someone who wants sugar drizzled on top of those answers then there is a fee of $5.00/answer. There is no theme to this blog/postings, again I'm random and kinda slightly on the crazy side. So let's get started.

  • I just turned 22 & I have no idea what to do in life considering it changes a lot!
  • I am married, we have 2 kids. I will blog about my husband and my kids considering they run my schedule. 
  • I am currently in school for Medical Transcription Editor. (online)
  • Yes, my husband Lyle is Navy. I get a lot of crap from it because most people are just dumb. 
  • I like watching tv, thats when I have the time. But usually I just stick with my current shows, NCIS, NCIS:LA, CSI, CSI:Miami, Criminal Minds, True Blood, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Two and a Half Men, Men at Work, The Big Bang Theory, & How I Met Your Mother. There are probably more who knows. 
  • I love music, I usually always have my iPod, iPhone, radio or TV going with music. (unless lyle or the kids have taken it over )
  • My son Wyatt has many "special need" problems, but all in all he is an awesome little kid. 
  • My daughter Bella, well let's just say her looks can fool you! Her attitude is like 20 miles long! 
  • I used to HATE anime, but Lyle converted me to at least watch Bleach.
  • I also watch a lot of movies and do (try) to read when I have the time. 
  • I am very random (ask any of my "real" friends)
  • YOLO is one of the most annoying sayings people have come up with as of late, but I figure someone will come up with something more stupid later on. (they always do!)
  • I have 10 tattoos, and yes I am planning on getting more. 
  • I guess you can call me a nerd considering I do love videos games. But I will stress I AM NOT AN ADDICT! 
  • I do not watch the news, it's depressing and I do get angry/annoyed with those people. I have enough to worry about with being a military wife without having to hear it daily on a screen.
  • I do love watching Horror movies, I'm a fan of the SAW movies, BRILLANT!
  • Jobs I have done: Burger King, Walmart, Newspaper mail room. (yeah not much experience in the work force I know)

Well that is about all of it. I look forward to seeing followers (hopefully)